How to become a successful blogger in 2020?networking jagat gyaan

What does it take to become a Successful Blogger?


If you are reading this article on How to become a successful blogger in 2020. I would like to commence by congratulating you first for being able to muster up the courage to do blogging. This situation has provided bloggers with an opportunity to grow more. Covid-19 has by far affected every single human on this planet. Everyone is anxious so as to when this abnormality would turn to normalcy. Even in this grave situation, people are not leaving their hopes. Although some have gone in the phase of denial, while others are working hard to adapt to this new abnormality. These people are turning their lives around instead of sulking. Generally, people have some question arise in their mind regarding blogging.

How can I get better at blogging?

How to become a successful blogger?

What should you not do when blogging?

How can I rank my blog in 2020?


A blogger has the power to turn his imagination and knowledge into words that soothes the minds of the readers. Sitting at the window side and sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee with an amazing article to go through is what every avid reader aspires to do. Providing them with that material on a daily basis is what a blogger does.

If you aspire to do the same, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll provide you with the seven most important tips on “how to become a successful blogger in 2020“. one should always keep in mind the tips before writing a blog in 2020.


The sad reality of this world is that most of us are extremely negative when it comes to stepping outside the boundaries of our comfortable room. Our mind never stops pondering upon the situations which we might never even face in our future. While some of us can take it as a positive thing that our mind is preparing us for the worst, but, for the rest, it might become a major setback.

It’s true that blogging requires passion, hard work, and determination but the most important thing which a blogger need is the quality of perseverance. The disposition to write despite setbacks or delaying in achieving success is what makes a blogger an extraordinary blogger and sets him apart.

How to become a successful blogger in 2020
How to become a successful blogger in 2020?

“WRITE NO MATTER WHAT”- life is not as colorful as people tend to make it, it comes with all sorts of difficulties and problems. A person’s propensity to remain calm and consistent in his work is what takes him through the day. There might come a time when you’d hate your keyboard or paper or pen, but, the quality of perseverance inculcated within yourself would help you get through that time.


Always prepare a draft, don’t go for writing directly. Preparing a draft always gives an upper edge to the blogger because the amount of time that goes while writing a draft actually decides the quality of the article to be presented.

successful blogging tips
Successful blogging tips

A draft is defined as a “preliminary version of a piece of writing”. It gives the blogger an opportunity to get as experimental as he chooses to be. When one goes about writing on a topic, he might be confident and reliable on the information his memory could retain. but most of us might not be able to do the same because we tend to forget all the worth mentioning points, which is, by the way, completely normal. This becomes one of the foremost reason so as to why preparing a draft is absolutely necessary.

Now, let’s take a peek at the most obvious reasons to construct a draft, which are as follows.

  • Since every article or blog needs a systematic pattern to be written in, a draft provides the blogger the space to organize the information based on its importance.
  • Inserting and eliminating various points could be easily done once a blogger decides the structure of the blog by making a draft.
  • A draft minimizes the chances of errors in the finished article.

Thus, the work of a blogger speaks for itself once taken appropriate steps to produce it.


It’s totally up to the blogger so as to which language he wants to write the blog in, but, to make it reader-friendly, is his responsibility. Using extremely difficult phrases or vocabulary might make an impression of your enhanced knowledge but at the same time will definitely make the reader conscious about his. You don’t have to dishearten or confuse the reader instead, your blogs have to be as user-friendly as it can, thus, ensuring your reader gains knowledge instead of closing your website repeatedly to find out the meaning of the words.

How to become a successful blogger in 2020?never give up jagat gyaan
How to become a successful blogger in 2020?

A blogger has to understand the difference between his and the reader’s position. You being a blogger had already performed extensive research on the topic before writing, whereas, the reader is a student eager to learn. By looking from a reader’s perspective you can wider your approach and try to make your articles easier to grasp. This doesn’t mean that you simply cannot use good vocabulary, it just means that there must be the right balance to it. Try to write as if you are actually having a face to face conversation with a person. This fills them with excitement.


You all must have heard of the saying that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

To be honest, ideally, a person should be either an ignorant or a genius. An ignorant belief in ignoring everything, thus not adding to the given difficulty whereas, a genius solves the problem. A person who is neither an ignorant with no knowledge nor a genius with all the knowledge. They might end up misleading people by providing wrongful information on a big and influential platform. They think they know everything but in reality, they are the worst.

How to become a successful blogger in 2020?Research for blogging jagat gyaan
How to become a successful blogger in 2020?

As a blogger, when you are writing, the reader believes that you have authentic and enough knowledge to be shared. Before choosing a topic to write about, you have to perform extensive research. Sometimes, as interesting a topic might seem, it could still be lacking in the amount of content matter or there could be a lot of content to write about, but the topic might already be over-exploited by other bloggers. Extensive research makes you aware of the nature of the topic you are dealing with.


It is a very easy task to surf through the internet finding all the information and ideas a blogger can use in his blog. This is one of the mistakes which makes a blog’s content cliché or overused. There is a dire need to stress your mind and produce originally baked ideas because a reader always digs for something fresh or unexplored.

Become a successful blogger in 2020?bolgging creative mind tips jagat gyaan
Become a successful blogger in 2020?

Your ideas will set you apart from every other blogger in this world. Of course, there is a huge possibility of having the same ideas as others but you can still add a twist or ‘tadka’ to the already existing idea. Think of it as a power already in your hands, you just have to use it in a way no one else has. It is only about the creative mind you have to use for engaging content.


Once you are done with your blog, the thorough process of rechecking your article should never be taken for granted. This process of editing is your last chance to insert some important points or to remove the not worth mentioning stuff since you don’t want to bore your audience with unnecessary gory details. Grammatical, spelling, or typing errors that went without checking might create obscurity in the minds of the readers.


Just writing and publishing is not enough in this world of cut-throat competition. It is equally important to engage with your audience, finding out what they prefer to read. Their feedback is of utmost importance. Writing on what your audience wants to read also saves your time to perform the strenuous task of searching for an interesting topic.

How to become a successful blogger in 2020?networking jagat gyaan
How to become a successful blogger in 2020?

The simultaneous work of promoting your website will help you gain new followers. This could be easily done by creating promotional pages on Instagram or Facebook. Usage of SEO(search engine optimization) helps you optimize your website to get organic from the search engine results.

By now you must have realized that blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires selfsame or maybe more amount of hard-work as compared to any other occupation. It may be a sitting job, but, your mind is never resting. Mental exhaustion is one of the many reasons for blogging as a full-time job could be considered an exigent or over one’s head task.

For the above-mentioned reasons, a constant flow of motivation is required when one decides to make blogging his life. Blogging is not difficult when you inculcate a mix of certain qualities within yourself.

When we look around, we can see the technological improvements and the evolving prospects of conducting various activities online. The prevailing situation has done nothing but to increase our dependence on these virtual mediums. Any person with a fair intellectual capacity could infer that it would be best to use this time to invest in virtual mediums. You can do work from home for blogging and can write attractive as well as engaging content for passive earning.


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