Top 10 Famous Foods of Bihar

Best food of Bihar jagatgyaan

Famous foods of Bihar

India is identified by its culture, where different types of festivals are celebrated. If there are festivals, how can we forget the delicious dishes here? Every state has its own specialty. East, West, North, and South all have their own taste and specialty. Every state of India has its own culture. Here we are sharing the Top 10 Famous foods of Bihar.

A variety of food can be seen from one state to another. Be it Puran Puri or Dal Baati, Tandoori Roti or Shahi Pulav, Punjabi food or Marwari food, we all get water in our mouths after hearing this. Bihar, which is identified with Bhojpuri language,  Chhath, IAS officers, also has a diverse range of cuisines which will make you crave them as soon as you see them. There are also some Bihari dishes which are very popular in the international market. The cuisine of Bihar is as diverse and colorful as that of Bihar. Here, are some street foods that you must try if you visit Bihar.

1. Litti Chokha | World famous foods of Bihar

Litti Chokha is a part of Bihari cuisine, it is a traditional food eaten in Bihar. It is a batter ball comprised of entire wheat flour and loaded down with broiled chickpea flour alongside different spices and flavors.

Litti chokha best food of Bihar jagatgyaan
Litti chokha

Customarily the tidbit is broiled over a wood or dairy animal waste fire however in the present day, individuals have seen it being singed. When it is cooked, the litti is blended in with loads of ghee. It is then served close by chokha, which is made by pounding bubbled vegetables, including flavors and onion.

Together, they make a complimentary delicacy that is delighted in by foodies.

2. Malpua | Traditional food of Bihar

If you ever visit Bihar, you must eat Malpua. It is a dish made in North India. It is very look will make you crave it and it also follows very simple steps to prepare it. Malpua is somewhat of a little flapjack. It is served alongside mutton curry.

Malpua best food of Bihar jagatgyaan

It is a dish that is additionally made in a few no vegetarian homes during Holi. Expansion of sugar is done in the wake of broiling. The sweet smell of malpua fills the homes of many. It is famously known as pua. Its taste makes it powerful. It adds to the calories however the hazard can be taken in light of the fact that taste it has can’t be contrasted with the calories. The hazard merits taking.

3. Dalpuri/ Dal peetha

The first name that comes to mind in the context of the traditional food of Bihar is Dalpuri. Dal Peetha is another type of dumpling or momos.

Dal peetha famous foods of Bihar
Dal peetha

Like momos Peetha are additionally secured with rice flour with stuffed lentil glue alongside flavors presented with a pickle. As it is cooked with steam, makes this dish an exceptionally solid breakfast. Dal Puri is likewise another type of Dal Peetha in which the lentil glue is moved with chapattis and flavors.

4. Batatapuri

Bihar has an enormous culture of road nourishments and the road merchants produce with heavenly, moderate nourishments at the slows down.

Batata puri best food of Bihar jagatgyaan
Batata puri

At the point when we go to the flavorful dish Chaat, how might we overlook the Batatapuri-a dish got through the source of chaat. Not just flavorful it is simplest to make too due to their fundamental fixings. Its tart taste and awesome looks make individuals crazier to eat.

5. Khaja Silao

Silao village, located about 15 km from Biharsarif and 8 km from Rajgir, is known for its ancient tradition of Khaja making. Chandshahi, Gol, Palvidar and Gandhi Topa. Another flavorful and light bite which is mainstream in Bihar is khaja. It is accepted to have been around for a considerable length of time.

Khaja silao famous foods of Bihar
Khaja silao famous foods of Bihar

The road food is made with wheat flour, sugar and entire dry milk. It is then southern style until fresh and puffy.
The brilliant bite has a wafer-like surface where the cake layers can be seen. Be that as it may, when eaten, it is delicate.
Some consider khaja to be a sweet since it is normally doused into sugar syrup until the baked good has retained it. Another variation is belgrami which is produced using milk solids, sugar and ghee. It is like khaja aside from it isn’t as sweet. It goes to a matter of taste as they are both appreciated by Biharis.

6. Balushahi – Oldest Famous foods of Bihar

Runi-Saidpur village lies on the Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi road, which is famous for balushahi. Balushahi is a sweet, flour cup, containing a blend of flavors.

Balushahi famous foods of Bihar jagatgyaan

It is no big surprise that it is adored among Bihari individuals. This treat is very well known in the south of Bihar and each chomp is overwhelming. The sweet is produced using maida flour and loaded up with somewhat improved khoya and flavors, for example, cardamom and cinnamon. It is some of the time even seasoned with saffron for additional taste and aroma. The stuffing is then fixed and rotisserie until brilliant. As far as fixings, balushahi is like a coated donut however the taste and surface make it one of a kind to different sweets.

Some plunge it in liquefied margarine to give it an additional fragrance.

7. Chana Ghugni

Chana ghugni is one of the most stomach fillings and the least expensive food began from Bihar in light of its claim to fame that it very well may be presented with nearly everything like dry chapattis, parathas, roti, and so on.

Chana Ghugni Traditional foods of Bihar Jagatgyaan
Chana Ghugni

Ghugni is generally named as ghugri in Bihar since it is made with white peas which are round fit as a fiddle. It is one of the most well-known bites being served in pretty much every home at night.

8. Mutton kebabs

Kebab one of the most renowned dishes of India began from the city of Nawabs Lucknow. In any case, with regards to a finger-licking serve in Bihar there comes a name Mutton Kebab produced using the joints of meat. Alongside its heavenly taste, it is sensible too. Alongside the joints of meat, it additionally comprises of an assortment of seared vegetables cooked on a barbecue or grill that pairs its delightful taste.

Mutton kebab best food of Bihar jagatgyaan
Mutton kebab

Today not just in India, it is filled in as one of the most loved dish in different nations additionally as cheap food or takeaway suppers. What’s more, smell originates from a spot Kadamkuan in Patna where individuals get pulled in like a magnet.

9. Shakkarpara /Thekua

Another sweet road food that is mainstream in Bihar is shakkarpara. It might be a commonplace Gujarati food yet it is completely delighted in Bihar.

Thekua famous foods of Bihar
Thekua famous foods of Bihar

They are made of entire wheat flour, salt, and milk, like how scones are made, however, shakkarpara additionally incorporates sugar. Other flavors like cardamom are included for more flavor. The tidbits are then pan-fried until they have a brilliant surface. Shakkarpara is firm outwardly however they have a delicate nibble and the trace of pleasantness can be quickly tasted. Some want to have a better shakkarpara by plunging them in sugar syrup. Each shakkarpara retains the syrup so there is extraordinary pleasantness completely through.

Another road food variety is to let the sugar syrup chill off and the outcome is a fine external layer. It is really one of the most flavorful road nourishments in Bihar.

10. Sattu

Sattu is a kind of flour, for the most part utilized in Pakistan and India, comprising of a blend of ground heartbeats and grains.

Sattu Oldest famous foods of Bihar

The dry powder is set up in different manners as a head or auxiliary element of dishes. Different assortments of sattu are set up during Bathukamma in Telangana and dispersed by ladies. The way toward getting ready sattu is old and is famous over a wide region of North India, especially Bihar.

If you haven’t tried any of the above foods yet, then please have a try. These Top 10 famous foods of Bihar are delicious and are liked not only by Bihari’s or Indian’s but by foreigners also all over the globe.

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