What is important of student life?

Student life jagatgyaan

  Struggle of a Student

Student life is arguably the most defining time in the life of any individual. The day are gone when students used to worship their teachers as Guru and believed in them parents still sit beside them.

The misconduct misbehaviour indiscipline and mischievous appear in the students character, i.e the parents or teachers have lack of quality not to fulfill their blindly.

But now-a-days as they want during the course of technology. Students feel that they must be childhood. The students always want to get always on their own feet to keep pace with the freedom from the restriction of their parents or world around them.

With the passing of days they are gradually forgetting the respect that should be given to the teachers. Manners, Etiquette, code of conduct and teachers but the parents should have knowledge how to control their children at home. And teachers should have capacity how to pick the students talent out from their characters at the class/school.

School Vs Student Life

The combination of responsibilities of students, teachers and parents can make the student perfect men for families, well-known person for societies and responsible citizens for country will love their Motherland more than themselves.

As we know that must be learned during the school period by the students. If the students do not learn to respect, their teachers it will be their habits for future. Such that habit does not just end there. It culminates as a general lack of respect towards all senior authorities, be it parents, grand parents, elders, siblings etc.

As a result, it will be show always when they will behave to others. They cannot hide such behaviours what they have collected during the student’s life.

The aptitude of a student may differ from person to person but the attitude is something that he can develop. Every student in classroom can not come first but everyone can definitely try to be well behaved or perform his/her responsibilities well.

It is really a sad fact that with increasing need of today’s education system, the students etiquette have needed downside. As a result children disobey their parents, grand parents, elders and teachers.

It is really an important need that students realise this responsibilities of the need to improve as a whole.

The parents and teachers both have responsibilities to increase moral values among students day-by-day. The students always follow their parents and teachers in their daily life.

The parents and teachers want to get rid of responsibility and they do not use to pick them up to their destinations.

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