How Can Speak In Interview | Interview Questions and Answer

interview tips prepration question answer

How Can Speak In Interview


Going for an interview?

Don’t worry! 

Follow the interview tips if you are going for an interview.

interview tips
Interview Tips

Interview Tips


If you are getting fruitful results of your hard work then the feeling you have after getting success is worth satisfying.

If you got selected in any competitive exam/job interview then there are a lot of things which you need to follow.

Most people made a lot of mistakes in their interviews. The reason may be because of nervousness or fear of not getting selected.

Fear is a natural thing.

Everybody does fear something at some point in time.

If you want to control it then there are so many techniques you can do to discuss your nervousness.

At the initial level of attending an interview for the first time might not go well because you haven’t given an interview in the past.



interview tips prepration question answer
Interview tips preparation question answer 

If you give 3-4 or more interviews you will become used to it and your nervousness level will also decrease. I don’t mean that you give interviews again and again for that job but I want to say that practice to give an interview the best way way to practice is to ask yourself random questions and answer with yourself. The questions must be based on the type of questions asked in the interview.

You can also take help from family members or friends to ask you questions as an interviewer.

Practice makes a man perfect

Practice as many times as possible.

Ensure that you have all the documents required on the interview day. check all your documents before leaving the house.

If possible write down the answers or reply of the basic questions asked in an interview such as:-

Tell us about yourself?

Why do you want to do this job?

What are your strength and weaknesses?

What will you do if you are rejected?

The above are some of the common questions raise in an interview. You have to write it down and try to make your answers/replies better and better. The better you present yourself the higher chance for you to get selected. The day before going for an interview eat healthy food, avoid oily or junk food because they might result in impaired metabolism.

Overthinking and research might lead to panic and stress. Many topper or good students do not study the whole day and night before the exam because they know if they do whatever they studied they will forget.

That’s why the same tactics are applied here. Don’t panic spent your day like a normal day .keep calm and relax.

How to control or decrease nervousness, strength, and anxiety. 

The best way to remove the negativity from your life is by positivity. Staying in a positive environment, spending time with energetic people can help you remove negativity from you.

Most common mistakes people in interviews


  • Hand movements, head nodding, rapid leg movements, etc.
  • These are natural because of the situation in which you are.
  • Try to do such movements while you are waiting outside the interview room.
  • Nobody knows who is keeping an eye upon you.
  • In today’s modern world not only machines or technologies people are also becoming smart.

There may be any CCTV camera pointing towards you or a person watching your behavior so be calm & act normally.

  • Act before you enter the room.
  • Do not sit in the chair until you are asked.

Greet the interviewers.

Good morning, good afternoon based on the timing.

  • Let the interviewer finished asking the question maintaining a 2-second silence and then reply.
  • Reply with a gentle strong and sweet voice. Do not shout or whisper.
  • Answer or reply point to point do not show off your knowledge or how much more you know.
  • If you do not know the answer of any question just simply say 

“I’m having a difficult time thinking of a specific answer to that”.

  • Sometimes the interview asks you some difficult questions or asks you simple questions by making it more tricky.

The final step to achieve the job you have been dreaming of is the ‘Interview’. Clearing the interview lands, you in the place for which you have struggled so much. But clearing an interview can be a tricky process. People perform great in the previous assessments of the companies or the organizations, but when it all comes down to interview, they fail.

Though people prepare for days still last moments can be hard to deal with. The failure factors can be multiple ranging from nervousness to overconfidence. Hence the right amount of ingredient of everything is very essential to qualify the ‘last and final’ step to grab your job.

For an extra amount of anything can lead to a loss in the job. We are here to introduce you all about an interview.

How to prepare and what are the various rules and regulations for the interview?


Do’s regarding the interview


  • Browse the companies’ earlier interview sessions. In the internet-age toady it very easy to lay hands on interview sessions held by a lot of companies. Many people eagerly share their experience of interviews over a number of platforms like Geeks for Geeks, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. There a number of other websites as well to help you through the interview experience. Over a number of platforms, you can even contact these people to help you resolve your issues and doubts also. Some magazines like Competition Success provide you with a detailed account of interview questions along with their answers. Go through it to get the zest off as to what questions are being repeatedly asked.
  • Increase your knowledge and stay updated about the ongoing scenarios in the world, especially regarding your own country. Vigilant candidates are always an add-on for the company. Since most of the companies deal with the real-world problems, staying informed about them on your own behalf can improve the impression you leave on recruiters.
  • Wear subtle clothes and go for your already worn ones. Wearing new clothes can make you uncomfortable and fidgeting in front of the panel leaves an impression of you being nervous which a big no-no is.
  • Read about the company or the organization you are applying for. Go through their visions, aims, and the purpose of serving society. Read as to how their company is different and an asset for the society.
  • Be firm in what you answer. Even if they question the accuracy of your answer, do not doubt yourself. If you think the answer you have given is apt and right, then stick to it. Carry all your documents in a neat folder and properly arranged. Remember where you have placed which document so to avoid last-minute fumbling. Keep your folder in your lap so as to not occupy their space. Carry a pen with you.
  • Greet each of the panel members individually, and listen to them very attentively. Don’t start before their completion. Keep a calm body posture. Your visual communication conveys way more about you than your words, so stay calm and peaceful. Always wear your smile. It has a very positive effect.

Don’ts regarding the interview


  • Do not lie in the Resume about either your qualifications or your hobbies and likes. Stay true to what you have actually gone through. Lying in your resume may land you in unpredicted trouble. If questioned about something untrue, answering would be a big and rigorous task for you. It is possible that the panel might detect that you are lying about a certain quality and would lose interest in questioning you any further, resulting in your rejection.
  • Don’t go for bright colored clothes, either for something indecent. The way you dress up is the first thing that is noticed once you enter the room. Be graceful and gentle in your moments, avoid being too straightforward or bold.
  • Don’t speak out of turn. Wait for the panel members to finish with their questioning. Do not jump in between even if you know the answer prior. Have patience, and politely ask them to pardon the question if it is not clear to you. Avoid speaking unnecessary things, or barging in while they are discussing among themselves.
  • Do not take either the interview or the company casually. For your casual behavior may hurt the sentiment of panel members about their company. Somebody not passionate about the company or the job may be seen as a liability rather than an asset.
  • Do not barge in the door. Knock and wait for any of the panel members to give you permission to let you in. Same goes for the sitting, wait until they ask you to sit.
  • Do not give the wrong answers in overconfidence. Take a moment to reflect on the question being posed to you. Don’t be in a hurry to give the answer. Take your own time. Try to be the rabbit rather than the hare of the race.
  • Avoid being informal with the panel members. They will ask you to be comfortable, but that does not mean that you have to cross your limit. Always maintain the line of formality between you and the recruiters. You trying to get too informal are a negative point.
  • No fumbling is appreciable. If you are getting nervous, sit back for a moment. Retain your posture and your nerves. Do not let the panel members get to your nerves. Stay calm. The panel members are not there to intimidate you, let the interview flow easily, and just go along with it.
  • If you do not know the answer, don’t go for the wrong answer.

Some Best Tips regarding Interview


Start thinking and generating positive thoughts and this can be only done by yoga and meditation.

Power of Yoga

Unification of Aatma with Parmatma

There are different yogic exercises you can do to stay healthy.

If you are unhealthy your chances for selection are nil.


Power of  Meditation


The foremost important thing which can even make you Millionaire from a job aspirant.

Yes, I am not lying. Meditation gives you the power to explore yourself.

From Aatmmanthan’ or ‘Atma Chintan’ also called self-realization or self-assessment, you can improve yourself, eradicate negativity, expand your thinking which will lead you to success.

Did you ever think why the monks know so much?

That is because they think what normal people can’t and this is because of Meditation.

So, regularly do yoga and meditation which help you release your pressure in time when you were waiting outside for your interview.

This will also control your body movements.

These points will help you walk through the interview avoiding major mistakes. But above all, it’s your confidence that you need. Wishing you all the luck for your big day! Have a great interview!

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