Jharkhand panchayat election 2020

Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2020

Jharkhand panchayat election 2020 date :

Three-tier Jharkhand panchayat election will be held by the end of 2020. In the coming few days, preparations will again begin for the panchayat election. Some mukhiya already started their planning before Jharkhand election 2020 dateWhile, Jharkhand election date 2020 is not declared. But, in connection with this, Secretary of the State Election Commission, Sangeeta Lal has issued a letter to the Secretary, give directions regarding the projected expenditure of the three-tier Panchayat Election, 2020. While choosing the village government, based on the number of district-wise polling stations, estimating the expenditure load from each district, instructing to get the proposal of the estimated expenditure amount from the district itself. It has been asked to provide the desired amount in the expenditure of 2020-21. This notification has also been sent to all the District Election Officers cum Deputy Commissioners of the state.

Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2020 Jagat Gyaan
Jharkhand Panchayat Election 2020

Notification by Election Commission for Jharkhand panchayat election 2020:

It has been said in the letter that a three-tier panchayat election is to be held in the state in October-December of the year 2020. In such a situation, except for the materials supplied from the Commission level, all other materials have to be arranged at the level of the District Election Officer (Panchayat).

Now, the situation in the country is different. In view of the increasing infection of the COVID-19 epidemic, the ECI Jharkhand has postponed the recent municipal election 2020. However, in August 2019, election Commission had cleared that jharkhand panchayat election would be held on time (Nov- Dec).

Jharkhand voter list 2020 :

As we know that Voter Id list declared by the election commission before panchayat chunab. So, new voters should need to check their name on Voter list of mukhiya election in jharkhand. To check voter list jharkhand 2020 you can visit Voter Id portal https://electoralsearch.in/

Voter service portal Jagat Gyaan
Voter’s service portal

Jharkhand panchayat election 2020 result date :

Jharkhand panchayat election result date is not announce by election commission of jharkhand panchayat. Before, the ECI Jharkhand notification for election date in jharkhand. Nobody can predict the jharkhand election result 2020. We will notify you further according to ECI jharkhand notification for mukhiya election in jharkhand 2020 result. For further details, you can visit http://secjharkhand.nic.in/

Cost of ballots printing will be 30 crores:

The possible rate of printing of ballot papers can be three rupees per ballot. In such a situation, a provision of Rs. 30 crore should be made in this head. Polling, training expenses of the patrolling party and passenger expenditure for their polling work have also been asked to be assessed.

54 thousand 5 hundred polling stations to be formed to elect the village government:

The eci Jharkhand has directed to keep special attention on the points for three-tier panchayat elections. The number of possible polling booths in them will be 54.5 thousand. The number of employees per polling station will be five. It has also been said that the same polling personnel can be deputed in election work even in more than one phase.

Panchayat elections in Jharkhand will be in four phases :

The Election Commission is making full preparations for this. Panchayat election in jharkhand will be held in 263 blocks of 24 districts in jharkhand election 2020. In which the number of gram panchayats is 4402. At the same time, the number of head of Gram Panchayat is 4402, the number of Panchayat Samiti’s regional constituency is 5423 and the number of regional constituencies of Zilla Parishad is 545.


Most of the peoples of jharkhand are waiting for election of village government. But, in this COVID -19 situation, there are several problems behind the government for development.

If elections should be organise timely, election commission need to make some new rules So that no voters get infected. Now, we need to observe that what are the steps take by the Election commission for Jharkhand panchayat election 2020.

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