Online Liquor shop will open in state

Zomato as Liquor shop PTI

Online Liquor shop will open in the state from May 20

Excise and Prohibition Department of Jharkhand government issued a notification. Retail as well as online liquor shop will open in the state from May 20.

Liquor shops will reopen in Jharkhand again after about two months during the lockdown issued for the rescue from COVID 19. On Wednesday, May 20, Departmental Secretary cum Commissioner also gave necessary instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners.

According to the notification issue by the departmental secretary, retail product shops will be open in the state from 7 am to 7 pm.


In order to not get too crowd at the shop, the department made a strategy of selling liquor in three ways.

1. Liquor will be sell over the counter like before, but social distancing will be completely follow. Only this medium of sales will work in rural areas.

2. There will be sales of Wine through counters as well as e-tokens in the cities .. Preference will also be given to customers falling under e-tokens.

3. Home delivery of Wine was also made with the help of Zomato and Swiggy. In 9 cities where Swiggy and Zomato service is available.

Liquor will not be sell through e-token in these cities. There are a total of nine cities which include Ranchi, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Deoghar, Giridih, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur Ramgarh and Palamu.

Customers can use the service provider’s app both of these. In the future, the product department can provide the service of home delivery by registering. The other companies working in the field of e-commerce as per the requirement.

Along with this, according to the directive issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government. The sale of  liquor in the container zone and mall related to COVID 19 will be prohibit till further orders.
With this, the government has increased the ten percent special excise duty on Sharab. As well as 50 percent VAT on the former to 75 percent.

Jharkhand Government will increase the cost of liquor by an average of 20-25%.

With these guidelines, the department has instructed all the licensees to conduct daily sensitization at the shops.

Social distancing should be follow outside and inside the shop and by making circular circles outside the shop. The customers should also be advise to maintain distance. Along with this, the provision of e-payment is also necessary.

Also, with the CCTV camera installed at the earliest. It’s link should be share to the department so that there is no scope for any disturbance.

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