Online teaching | No equipment require to earn online (2020)

online teaching

Online teaching as a career for beginner:

First of all, I want to say that you don’t need any professional equipment for online teaching.  When it comes to the beginner level you don’t necessarily need professional equipment.

Here we talk about, some easy way of online teaching by using some tips, tricks and tools.

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How to start online teaching career:

Step by Step:

  • Download ‘DU recorder or other screen recorder app from play store. You can also download it from other sources.
  • After installing the app, there are some basic settings which you have to do in the DU recorder.
  • Check the video resolution, I prefer you to leave it as recommended.
  • Then ensure your video is recorded in 720 pixel if you have a premium version then you have an option to disable watermark .
  • Now come back to the main menu, enable pen tool that helps you to write on your screen.
  • After enabling you see a pen tool icon. Click it to set the size and colour then start writing. You can simply erase the whatever you wrote on your phone’s screen.
  • Now, let’s jump into another section on how to effectively teach your student.

Tip number 1 :

  • Open cam scanner or adobe scanner app and scan the written document. Make sure your phone is tilted in landscape mode otherwise your videos will show like this.

Tip number 2 :

  • Open white page can start demonstrating whatever you want. 

There’s another way to teach:

Open your mobile camera and record video. One  more thing which is very important, that is your audio quality.

In the beginning you can use your earphone’s mic to record videos.

Tips number 3 :

Your Mic must not be too close to your mouth otherwise some irritating noise may be recorded which might be not liked by your viewers or students.

Ensure that your environment must not be too noisy otherwise your mic may not be able to minimize background noises.

Solve students doubt online:

Make a routine of doubt clearing session in which you individually solve a student’s problem.

After every lecture, ask the students to comment down their problems and as fast as possible.

Tip number 4:

Reply or resolve the problems of the students which will help you build a better connection between you and your students. It will help you to make trust among the students, as result they will follow you.

Publish your content on YouTube:

If you are planning to teach online then you must have heard of the very popular social platform like YouTube. 

If you want to be a popular and recognised teacher then YouTube is for you. There are lot of professor or  teachers who are already in this sector. Teach online in a unique way and in a way that students can always prefer to watch your videos over others. It is also a very popular technique of gaining followers. YouTube is gaining very much popularity in interacting with the people not only your students. But, other students who are preparing for other exams from different locations can easily access your videos and  get benefited. So, you can upload your content in your YouTube Channel. 

online teaching jagat gyaan

Earn money from Online teaching :

Now, Online teaching  is an awesome business idea to earn online. to There’s hundreds of apps available in the play store which will allow you to teach or register online in that app as a teacher.

These app will also provide you money for your service.

As earlier told YouTube is also a platform to earn online as it gives you the option of monetization.

If your videos are very much viewed and you follow the monetization policies which require 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers annually then you can monetize your channel and start earning through showing Google ads.

You can also design your courses by making a blog and uploading the courses on it to enable monthly subscriptions at criteria are many such tactics which can help you make money online.

Nowadays, apps are getting more popular so Some coaching institute teaching online with own software.

Google also provide you some online teaching platform like google meet, google classroom, google doc and for exam and quiz. You can also use them to earn as teach english online.

Important tips for online teaching:

I wanna tell you is that children are the future of a nation. The topic which you want to teach your students you must learn it by yourself from different sources. So, that you have a fine grip over the topic and you can easily teach students with interest.

Tips number 5:

Don’t bore your students. You must ask your students questions in between lectures to ensure that the students are able to understand whatever you are teaching them.


Teaching in schools, colleges, universities  and coaching can be hectic  and requires a lot of time and effort.

So, if you are planning to shift to online teaching you can easily do it sitting at home.

You can also teach online as well as teach in coaching or other Institutions by managing your routine.

 This is the most effective way because for online teaching you can get traffic from your students whom you will teach in college or schools or coaching. 

Let them know that you also provide courses online and anyone can learn from there.

Educational sector is expanding more and more and nowadays there’s more earning opportunities in the education sector.

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