Work from home online | Advantages & Disadvantages

Do you know about Online work from home

What is online work from home? Is it a new term for you?

An employer working for a company will be assigned the work which has to be completed within a certain amount of time, but instead of the office, the work has to be done staying at home. The employer will have to work for a specific amount of time in a day as commanded by the manager or the in-charge different lifestyle.

Work from Home Vs Office
Work from Home Vs Office

There are advantages as well as disadvantages regarding both working from home and working from an office depending on one’s comfort zone. Every person will have a different perspective and opinions if discussing the topic. I have put forth my views on the topic Work from home Vs Work at Office.

Advantages of online work from home

  • Working from home helps the employer to maintain health.
  • The stress and money expended in commuting will reduce.
  • The employer is feeling relax as there will be no peer pressure which will particularly result in a better output.
  • As the employer online work from home, it reduces use the electricity in the office.
  • Due to the reduced use of electricity, the company will be benefitted financially the most.
  • The employer will be more enthusiastic, comfortable and hence will be more productive
  • The employer can build a certain environment while working which is not possible while in office.
  • As no commuting is involved, the employer will have more time with their loved ones.
  • The employer is feeling relax as there will be certain breaks during the work.
  • The distraction of co-workers will not be involved.

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Disadvantages of online work from home


Work at home
Disadvantages of work at home
  • Some employees cannot concentrate on the work as they could have in the office die to certain distractions at home.
  • While on video call conferences, interruption by kids, pets, neighbours, etc.
  • Lack of availability of the equipment needed to work. Internet connectivity, laptops, computers, etc.
  • The employers cannot work in an environment with clamor, Construction noise, or drill machine used to fix things in the neighbourhood.
  • Managers or any higher authority cannot manage the performance of the staff as used to they used to handle during office hours.
  • If the employees have issues, it cannot be resolve at the same moment as in the office.
  • Decreased communication between the employee and the higher authority, results in the overall poor output.

Some tips for online work from home


  • Meditate for at least 30 minutes a day. Meditation calms the mind and increases focus.
  • Along with work, also balance personal life. Try spending as much time as possible with family and friends.
  • Be in contact with colleagues and managers frequently and stay updated with them.
  • Go for a walk early morning freshens up the mood and makes the day more enthusiastic.
  • Have weekend plans with family and friends.
  • Exercise becomes an essential need when a person spends hours working at work. But health should be the priority always.

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  1. I have been working remotely for almost two years, and I like this system. However, the first month was challenging to concentrate on working from home. I like your tips! Very useful for people starting working from home!

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