Ranchi lockdown 4.0 : what is allowed in your city?

Ranchi lockdown 4.0 : What is allowed in your city?


List of all the things which are open or allowed in Ranchi (Jharkhand)

In the light of the guidelines issued by the Central Government in Lock Down 4.0, the State Government has given guidelines. Ranchi district is also exempt during lockdown 4.0, some of the major points are: –

1. Construction relate items will open sanitary-ware, electrical, hardware, glass, plywood, tiles, timber shops.

2. Shops operating in the city can use the consignor to supply their goods

3. Warehouses which will be open, they can also transport their goods in the transport and can also deliver the goods.

4. Appeal is to open all types of private offices in the city with 33 per cent employees.

5. It is mandatory to ensure that the shop does not have more than five customers at any given time.

6. Shops / establishments coming under the purview of exemption will be able to be opened automatically, so no permission is required from the district administration.

7. The establishment / shop is allowed to open, they will follow the protocol. In case of default, action will be taken by the district administration

8. Only shops of essential commodities will open from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am

9. Use of face masks will be mandatory in public places.

10. No activity is allow in the Containment Zone, only activity is allow outside the Containment Zone.

11. Taxis will be allow to be hire in the district and inter district.

12. Registration certificate in the category of commercial vehicle will be considered as root pass. There will be no need to take a separate pass for this.

13. Booking of commercial vehicle will be from the starting point to the destination location only. There is a prohibition on stopping in between.

14. Professional driver will be require to wear mask face cover and gloves.

15. Spray sanitizer will have to be kept in the taxi and seats will have to be sanitize before each time a new passenger sits.

lockdown 4.0 Relief in Ranchi, Jharkhand

16. In addition to the driver in a 5-seater taxi, only 2 passengers and in a 6-7-seater taxi besides the driver, 3 passengers will be estimated for the journey.

17. At the time of sitting, passengers will have to sit on both sides of the seat following social distancing.

18. It will be mandatory for the traveling passengers to wear masks.

19. Smoking / Pan / Gutkha / Khaini eating by passengers / driver will be prohibited during the journey.

20. It will be mandatory to keep your luggage in the trunk during the journey.

21. The driver must record the information of the traveling passenger in the passenger register and keep it safe and make it available on demand by the administration for contact tracing.

21. In the passenger register, the driver has to mention the serial number, date, passenger’s name, full address, where to travel and mobile number.

22. Passengers traveling will definitely keep the taxi registration number, driver’s name, mobile number and the names and mobile numbers of other passengers traveling along with them. Which will have to be made available by the administration for contact tracing.

23. Passengers and drivers will install the Arogya Setu app and keep mobile on when the smartphone is live.

24. With these conditions cab aggregators and Ola / Uber and others can also drive their vehicles.

District Control Room-1950
Helpline number -1075,181
Toll Free Dental Advice-104
Toll Free Ambulance Service – 108
International Call Center-11-23978046
Dist. Epidemiologist-0651-221561
& 7903782859

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