Top 10 Best Tribal Foods of India

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Tibal foods jagat gyaan

Best Tribal Foods across India:

Tribal dishes in India have been famous for ages because of their authenticity, taste, and uniqueness. Numerous tribal communities across India prepare various delicacies best tribal foods that are still unknown to our county.

1.     Rogan Josh


Top tribal foods rogan rosh jagat gyaan

What is Rogan Josh? A tribal aromatic meat dish derived from Kashmir; Rogan Josh is a meat dish with a unique taste. The dish’s primary ingredient is Lamb/goat, and it is given a natural color and flavor from alkanet flower or root along with Kashmiri chilies. Being one of the signature dishes of Kashmir, Rogan Josh is a very famous delicacy.

Ingredients of Rogan Josh

  • Lamb/Mutton
  • Spices- Garlic, Ginger, aromatic spices
  • Yogurt and onions
  • Kashmiri Chilies
  • Seasoning- Saffron

2.     Modur Pulao

Top tribal foods Modur polao jagat gyaan

Modur pulao is one of the Best tribal foods locally known as Kashmiri sweet pulao. It is rich in dry fruits and nuts. Yet another famous Kashmiri delicacy, Modur pulao is an aromatic delicacy prepare by using rice with rich flavours of spices and nuts.

Ingredients of Modur pulao

  • Basmati Rice
  • Ghee, sugar
  • Spices- bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon sticks, pepper
  • Seasoning- Saffron, dates, almond, cashew nuts, raisins
  • Salt, water

3.     Chana Madra


Himachali chana Mandra top tribal foods jagat gyaan

A famous tribal delicacy of Himachal Pradesh, Chana Mandra is a yogurt-based dish. It comes under an umbrella of recipes categorized as Pahari cuisines which are easy to cook and are mostly cooked on a low flame so that the nutritious value of all the ingredients is intact. The dish is an easy one to prepare and does not require any particular procedure to make. It can serve with hot steaming rice.

Ingredients of Chana Mandra

  • Yogurt
  • Rice
  • Spices- Coriander powder, cumin seeds, cardamom, turmeric
  • Chickpeas
  • Mustard oil and salt

4.     Tudkiya Bhath


Top tribal foods Tudkiya bhath jagat gyaan

Chamba Tudkiya Bhath is a tribal dish made in Himachal Pradesh which is cooking uniquely by the people there.

Although the core ingredients of the pulao (bhath) resemble the regular pulao but an extra add up of the lentils, potato along with yogurt along with other numerous elements make the dish unique.

The bhath is usually serving with mash dal and few drops of lemon juice to make the overall taste tangy and balanced.


  • Rice
  • Masoor (Whole)
  • Onion, potato, tomatoes
  • Thick curd
  • Spices- bay leaf, cardamom, cardamom black, cinnamon sticks, ginger, garlic, green chillies, cloves
  • Ghee

5.     Ker Sangri ki Sabzi


Ker Sangri ki Sabzi top tribal foods jagat gyaan

A tribal dish made from dried ker berry and sangri beans, this is one of the oldest dish originating from Rajasthan. The appearance and taste of the dish are unique attracts tourists from all over the world.

Due to extreme weather conditions in Rajasthan, the vegetation growth is scarce, and most dishes are made without vegetables, out of the one being Ker Sangri.

The ker berries are available in ready-made packets in the market. The berries need to be soak in water before cooking with sangri and curd.

Ingredients of Ker Sangri

  • Ker
  • Sangri
  • Salt, oil
  • Spices- Ajwain, Hing, dry red chilies, turmeric powder, chili powder
  • Coriander, dried mango powder, resins

6.     Kachri ki Chutney


Kachri ki chatni top tribal foods jagat gyaan

Kachri is a wild cucumber, unique in style, grown within the deserts, and wildly utilize in the Rajasthani cuisine in the form of dry powder. It uses in most of the delicacies made in Rajasthan and Haryana as well. It can serve with parathas and dal baati yet another famous dish of Rajasthan.

Ingredients of Kachri

  • Chopped kachri
  • Garlic cloves, Green chili
  • Yogurt, salt, and onions

Grind the above ingredients well, and the chutney will be ready.

7.     Charcoal Grilled Chicken


Charcoal Grilled Chicken Best tribal foods jagat gyaan
Best tribal foods

One of the most popular tribal dishes in Kerala is grilled chicken. The dish is not made like usual grilled chicken on a stand and no modern equipment is needed to prepare this mouth-watering delicacy.

The chicken needs to wash thoroughly first and then cut into small pieces. Then comes the turn to enrich the flavor with various spices. The chicken is then held tightly between the plantain cover so that it becomes juicier. The last step is to place these pieces on hot charcoal and cook it perfectly to give it a smoky flavor.

Ingredients of Charcoal Grilled Chicken

  • Chicken
  • Turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder
  • Pepper and salt

8.     Chemmeen Kari


Chemmeen Kari tribal food jagatgyaan

What is Chemmeen Kari? Chemmeen Kari rather known as Chemmeen Thenga Pal Curry is a tribal dish most common in households of Kerala and every district has its way of preparing the Kari.

The Kari has prawns cooked in coconut milk and with special Kerala fish tamarind, kudampuli.

Both the fishes above are an essential ingredient in seafood and fish recipes originating from Kerala.

Ingredients of Chemmeen Kari

  • Prawns
  • Garlic, ginger paste
  • Coriander, turmeric, red chilli powder, pepper and salt
  • Coconut milk
  • Tamarind,

9.     Rajma Chawal


Rajma Chawal Jagat Gyaan

Coming from the state of Uttarakhand, Rajma Chawal has been till date on of the most lovely tribal dish.

It is a delicious brown curry containing kidney beans, also known as Rajma. Rajma is a very healthy bean as it supplements the body with proteins and fibers.

It is a favorite combo served in North Indian households. Along with the combo a side is generally serving which could be onion or pickle. Rajma is fat-free and has numerous benefits since they have high protein and fibre content.

Ingredients of Rajma Chawal

  • Rajma
  • Onion, tomato, garlic, and green chili
  • Spices- Cumin seed, red chili powder, turmeric and salt
  • Butter/oil
  • Mango powder and garam masala

10. Pahari Khichdi


Pahari Khichdi ingrediant Best tribal foods jagat gyaan
Best tribal foods of India

What is Paharai Khichdi? Pahari Khichdi is a mix of two different dals. It is the tribal dish of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Apart from dal, one more core ingredient in the khichdi is the organic red rice.

The dal is mash well so that it gives a creamy texture to the khichdi and the creaminess of the dish is counter-balance with spices. A tadka of cumin seeds and green chilies in mustard oil can pour on the top of the dish before serving.

The two dals traditionally used to make this dish are horse grams dal and toor (arhar) dal. The dish is rich in protein. This dish can serve with a side in the form of aloo baingan ki sabzi or a Bundi/mooli raita.

Ingredients of Paharai Khichdi

  • Arhar Dal
  • Urad dal
  • Tomato, ginger, garlic, turmeric, hing
  • Cumin seeds, green chili
  • Red rice


The best tribal food of various parts of India is a heritage that needs to be protected and should be eaten regularly to keep it from irradiating from our country. Being rich in proteins and nutrition, Tribal dishes are a delicacy never to be forgotten.

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