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Famous street food of Punjab


Punjab, a state in the Northern part of India’s land of five rivers and commonly known as the heart of India Sikh community, and it is commonly referred to as the breadbasket of India. Punjab is famous for Tandoor and still, it is authenticated for them from generation to generation Punjabi fusion is one of the authentic awesome and playful kiss scenes which provide unforgettable flavors to one’s taste bud. Punjabis are hardcore foodies and Punjabi cuisine get you drooling. No doubt that Punjabi cuisine and its recipes are widely spread in north Indian food culture in one or the other way and here we can see one of the best and top 10 veg street food of Punjab.

Here, the top 10 street foods of Punjab are discussed as follows:

1. Chole Bature


Chole Bhature | Top 10 veg street food of Punjab | jagatgyaan
Chole Bature

Most common recipe in Punjab and of course entire India. One of the lip-smacking dishes of Punjab. This mouth TOP watering recipe is made with boiled chickpea and gravy is prepared whole ground spices and fresh cream butter tempered with onion and garlic. Bhature is made up of Maida flour and deep-fried in oil. It is the main course dish, some Hotels do serve this recipe with a little bit of Aloo dry and the chili pickle which, gives a whole new level. Some do add small pieces of paneer to the chole and the butter topping, it has a Peculiar taste of masala which gives immense pleasure to your taste buds.

2. Amritsari Kulcha | Top veg street food of Punjab


Amritsari Kulcha | Top veg street food of Punjab
Amritsari Kulcha

One of the most common breads found in every street of Punjab. Made up of Maida and flour it’s stuffed with boiled potato, onion, and cottage cheese and mixed up with lots of coriander and spices and baked in tandoor and served with butter and ghee, paneer gravy and chole. One can easily fulfill their stomach with this dish. Hardcore spicy food of Punjab and tangy pickle adds up as most delectable dish in the list


3. Paratha



Paratha is always on the top plate whether be it Dhaba, hotel or household it’s is the must recipe in the daily routine of Punjabi cuisine. stuffed with potatoes, onions, cauliflower, various innovations is tried and new variants are introduced day by day to this recipe. Roasted in ghee and the butter topping is the most common way to serve Paratha, with curd, spicy pickle, and chole. It’s one of the delicious recipes which every Punjabi prefers.

 4. Gol Gappa | Best street food of Punjab


Gol Gappa | Best street food of Punjab | jagatgyaan
Gol Gappa

Being it any part of the world irrespective of any season, from kids to older generation is there anyone who doesn’t like Gol Gappe? no one. It is also called as Pani Puri in different places. It is one of the most famous street food in Punjab boiled Chana, potato, Onion are stuffed in crispy Puri. Pani is flavored water made up of mint, coriander asafetida, Ginger, dry mango powder blended into a paste mixture, and water topped with Bondi and it is usually adding with sweet and spicy chutney Served at its best.

 5. Aloo Tikki



Aloo Tikki one of the best chat time recipes and Punjabi’s are so damn crazy about Aloo Tikki. It is a recipe made up of Aloo patties, which consists of boiled potatoes, onion coriander, and spices, it is Shallowly fried, served with mint and tamarind chutney, with the topping of carrot, radish, onion and Bondi and Sev, some do prefer with curd also.

6. Jalebi | Top 10 veg street food of Punjab


Jalebi | Top 10 veg street food of Punjab | jagatgyaan

One dish is eaten as a dessert jalebi in sweet prepared with Maida and sour yogurt, deep-fried in oil or ghee dip in sugar syrup. Some people do use actual Saffron for the color, while some others use artificial orange color. Usually, it is served hot and one has to wait in the long queue to check out this delicious recipe.

 7. Dal Makhani


Dal Makhani

One delectable buttery dish in Punjabi cuisine it would easily Rule and serve in the royal court. The dish is preparing with boiled and mashed lentils and tomatoes and tempered with garlic, curry leaves, added up with ground spices, and rich fresh cream. Usually, the authentic Dal Makhani requires 2 hrs and cooked in low flame to get its flavor Deeper and tastier.

 8. Samosa /Kachori



samosa crispy snack stuffed with potato onion spices coriander time filled in triangular-shaped dough deep-fried in oil where it is served with Chana gravy, tamarind, and mint chutney, onions sev. kachori is a round-shaped neck usually made with dal and deep-fried in oil it is also known as Raj Kachori a giant puri is served with chutney, sauces, curd, and Bondi topped with onion and coriander. one of the best and finest Street foods found in every corner of Punjab

9. Paneer Tikka |Top 10 veg street food of Punjab


Paneer Tikka |Top 10 veg street food of Punjab| jagatgyaan
Paneer Tikka

One of the best starter paneer tikka. It’s attached to the awesomeness and delectable food in Punjabi cuisine. soft cottage cheese with bell pepper and onions and blended spices is grilled and it is commonly known as the best recipe to enhance this taste some people give tempering to it.

 10. Lassi



Lassi, no doubt that this is Punjab’s Pride. Punjabi cuisine never gets completed without lassi. Authentic lassi is prepared with buttermilk and a little dash of salt is added it’s a sweet creamy buttery delicious drink. Lassi is so thick and creamy that it makes one crave more and more for it. Flavors like mango, strawberry, chocolate, enhances the taste, and its one to be the best drink served in Punjab.

Punjabi cuisine is one of the most flavorful, authentic, and food fanatic cuisine in India and Punjabi dishes make your heart race. Lassi is preparing with so much love and one should explore one of the best and fantabulous kitchens in the world.


No doubt there is a lot of foods available in the entire world. We are a bit accustom to the street foods of Punjab. Through this blog of Jagatgyaan, we have shared Top 10 veg street food of Punjab. I hope you loved reading this mouth-watering article.


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