Why Development communication is important ?

Development communication

 Importance of development communication

Development communication is the use of communication to ensure social development. This process includes stakeholders and policymakers to reduce the risk and promote the development. This mainly gives emphasis on rural communication. In this particular context it is essential to give focus on agriculture .

Rural communication brings technicians and farmers together to create two way to communicate. This two way of communication is essential to get information about the grass-root problems. It also gives chance for learning by doing. It provides farmers with all sorts of information they need. Thus, it is very essential for every student who are willing to serve rural India.

In agriculture development communication helps to generate awareness about new technologies or methods of farming practices for better production.

In rural education the rural people give them new skills, knowledge and values through the communication. Tribal uses of local language and traditional sources are best for communication.

As rural professionals we have to understand the needs of rural people properly and take correct intervention this module helps a lot.

Then to make any development project successful it is essential to make different types of communication channel and also deals with that. Another important aspect communication media is also described here.

Various model given by different scientists, then we studied about the channels of communication system. The process and stages involved in it. We read about the audio-visual aids including those of flash cards, posters , leaflets etc. The common method to communicate with the rural masses .

The importance of various methods and demonstration such as results and front line demonstration. The importance of field days. The idea of Information and communications technology (ICT)  into this sector. The various ICT tool’s and how it lead to further development.

The different ideas of government and policy makers in teachings the masses through the hands of development communication. Thus, this act as the pillar and backbone for development of rural masses.

It is both the art and science of communication.

It is the communication applied to the speedy recovery and expanding of development throughout the nation in our case focusing to the rural area.

The use of A-V tools and ICT tool’s more scientific approach to develop by communication with rural masses holding the hand of government and leading to further more development.

This is thus very important for us as RD students to accept the ideas and teach the masses through the same Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development.

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